How Would You Like To Earn Residual Income For Life While Helping Your Community and Supporting Our Technology?

How Do You Earn Residual Income While Helping Your Community?

To answer this question and to better understand how this business opportunity works, is necessary for us to go back in time, back to the 1980's to be exact, if you're not old enough to remember what made the 80's one of the best decades ever, then you're about to find out below.

Back in the 1980's, something legendary happened, the Mobile Phone Technology was introduced to the world, but there was a problem. The phone Companies needed to find a way to provide network coverage to this new mobile phones technology all over the world and estimated they would need around 4 million Cell Towers all over the world for complete network coverage for the mobile phone to function as it was meant to.

So they figured out that the only way they would be able to plant 4 million towers globally was to offer landowners in certain areas of the world to lease portions of their land to the phone Companies and in exchange the phone Companies will pay the landowners thousands of dollars per month for the life of mobile technology.

Well, the Phone Companies started contacting landowners with their offer and luckily most landowners saw an opportunity of a lifetime with this offer and took the leap of faith and accepted the offer in a heartbeat from the Phone Company, while other landowners were very skeptical about it and declined the offer. After the phone Companies got all their areas covered globally with cell towers, they no longer needed more participants and they stopped offering the opportunity to new landowners for good.

The moral of this story is that the people who were lucky enough to see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity, jumped in right away and participated, and because of that, they've been getting paid since the 80's and are still earning passive income today for doing absolutely nothing other than hosting these cell towers on their land.

Now fast forward to TODAY. What if I told you that there's a High-Tech Company offering for a limited time, the SAME opportunity to people all over the world as that of the 80's, but without you needing to be a landowner AND it does not involve Cell Towers at all “AND” the compensation is immensely better!

Would you take that leap of faith and accept the offer like the people from the 80's did, or will you be one of the skeptic ones who are now regretting it?

Our Company is currently looking for people just like you, to participate in "hosting" a very small device in your home or office to be able to provide full network coverage for the “Internet Of Things” (IOT) aka: all the smart devices functionality such as: GPS, smart watch, smart fridge, smart bikes, smart homes, mobile phones, smart vending machines, tracking devices, etc.

You will be compensated with "passive income" for the rest of your life if you choose to host this “one” unit in your home.

Here's How You Can Participate Hosting The Device

Q) What Is This Hotspot And How Does It Work?

The hotspot is a small hardware device that creates a large wireless network for devices that use The Helium network. Think of it like a Wi-Fi router, but for devices sending small amounts of data over long ranges. These devices are part of what's usually called the "Internet Of Things" (IoT) aka: smart devices.

Q) But what makes this Hotspot device better than what smart devices have been using and are still using now?

Our Hotspot device not only does it provide coverage for "smart devices" at an enticing lower cost than what users are currently paying for right now with their data plan, but our Hotspots are also "Helium Crypto Miner" devices as well, which will mine crypto for you every time someone in your neighborhood or in your network (worldwide) uses any of their smart devices.

Q) Will This Hotspot Suck Up My Electric Bill?

Absolutely Not! That's what makes this intriguing Hotspot the BEST invention of the year per "Time Magazine", this Hotspot is not only a network provider for the internet of things and a Helium crypto miner, but it only uses around $2 to $3 in electricity per month. Your light bulb uses more electricity than that per month.

Everything About The Internet Of Things, The Company, The Opportunity & Where Do You Come In

What Will I Need To Do To Participate And Earn Residual Income?

All you'll need to do is, reserve your area by registering your home address ASAP! And then, Lock In Your Hotspot (Information Below. Very important), once you receive the Hotspot from us, you connect it in your house or office or even church if you want, and then the device will start mining Helium cryptocurrency 24/7 which you can exchange for USD or any other crypto coin you want. The earnings are "Residual And For Life"!

Even though we've only just began offering people to participate in hosting these Hotspot devices in their homes, once we have all the areas reserved, we will close the doors and will no longer accept more participants, so if you (or your parents) missed out on the first wave of hosting cell towers back in the 80's, don't let this happen again with this wave because this particular opportunity will earn you a 6 figures income for life if you choose to jump in immediately before is too late.

If someone in your area already has a Hotspot device in their home, then you will not qualify to participate, which is why is very crucial for you to register and reserve your neighborhood area immediately.

I M P O R T A N T: To Join/Register And Be Able To Participate, You Can Only Do It Through An Affiliate Link, Therefore, You Must Do It Through This Affiliate Website Or Our "Registration" website (at the end of this page) Only.

How To Lock In Your Hotspot?

At the time of this writing: There are two options to choose from for getting the Hotspot and start mining Helium, with the potential of earning a Six Figures Income For Life with your own Network!!

OTION 1: You can lease a brand-new Hotspot from iHub Global for a monthly fee of around $18.00, plus a one-time shipping and registration fee. (Since your device will earn you residual income for life, the lease & fee amounts pays itself)
This option comes with a voucher for a brand-new High-Power antenna and cables.

OPTION 2: iHub Global will send you a brand-new Hotspot so you can use for free to mine Helium for as long as you want, all it takes is for you to put down a refundable security deposit amount required by the bank. (Plus, a one-time shipping and registration fee)
Once you return the Hotspot, you will get your security deposit back.
This option comes with a voucher for a brand-new High-Power antenna and cables.

How To Get Started?

• Register with our Company for FREE
• Reserve your address/neighborhood ASAP
• Reserve your Hotspot device ASAP
• Start inviting other people to participate and build YOUR network

The Hotspots are to be placed 400 meters apart in any given area, and the areas are filling FAST all over the world. Every second that you procrastinate, will cost you to miss out from earning tens of thousands of dollars per month for the rest of your life. Hurry and register TODAY!

Affiliates Doctor Scott Tunis, MD & Stephanie Gray DDS

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Here's your opportunity to take ownership of the internet and earn passive income for life as a reward for your participation. The passive income is for life, but the opportunity will end as soon as there are plenty of Hotspot already placed in the areas needed, so you must reserve your spot TODAY!

So, All I do Is Place This Hotspot In My Home?

By placing a Hotspot device in your location, you'll be helping your neighborhood/city by providing the connectivity they need for their smart devices which will save them tons of money, and in return, you'll get rewarded with crypto currency which you'll be able to exchange for USD or any other crypto currency you wish. How sweet is that?

Once you have registered and Locked in Your Hotspot device successfully with iHub Global, you'll be given your own "Backoffice - Dashboard", your own affiliate link with your own affiliate page to promote your iHub Global opportunity all for FREE! So start building your own NETWORK immediately after registering. Don't wait and try to figure it all out first, you don't even have to wait for your unit to arrive.

Do you or anyone you know needs to "Raise Funds" for a non profit organization such as church, homeless shelter, school, field trips, dog shelter, etc.?

Well, we have great news for you! This program is perfect for "fund raising" as all you would need to do is to introduce all your prospect donors to this opportunity for them to earn crypto currency in which case they would have the option to donate any amount they choose to the organization of their choice on a constant basis.

How Much Can You Earn In Residual Income?

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