Here Is A List Of "Square Video Frames" For You To Choose From.
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Why Square Video Is The Best For Social Media Feeds?

Increased engagement

One main reason you should include videos on your social media accounts is to increase your ability to engage with your audience. Videos draw more attention than text, and they provide a great opportunity to advertise your brand and attract prospective clients and customers.

When it comes to audience engagement, videos in square format outperform landscape videos by as much as 80%. Square videos receive more likes, comments, and shares across all social media platforms. If you want more people talking about your brand, visiting your website, or otherwise engaging with your business, square videos are the best option for your video content.

Why is Square Video So Effective On Social Networks?

More views

More people, especially mobile users, watch square videos than landscape or vertical videos. Square videos can receive as much as 33 to 35% more video views. If you want your audience to interact with your videos and your brand, you should use square videos. Your content marketing is important, but it is not beneficial if people are not willing to view your content. Using square videos will help expose your audience to your content.

Due to video’s widespread popularity and consumption, you should no doubt be using it in your digital marketing strategy. You can take video’s success a step further by optimizing it in terms of format. The square video format has been proven to produce the best results for mobile social media!

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